Today it is estimated that there are over 700,000 audio podcasts available. Out of this incredible number of independently produced shows, only the top 500-1000 podcasts are actually profitable and have a wide sustainable reach. The factors that lead one show to become popular and another to remain obscure are becoming known and quantifiable.  has been working with podcasters of all genres for many years and has learned the ins and outs of the podcasting industry. The largest obstacles to growing a successful podcast come down to time, money and understanding of how to navigate this ever-growing landscape. Through various partnerships within the industry, we can provide the tools necessary for up and coming podcasts to maximize their potential and grow their reach.

Most forms of media, including radio, television, movies and music, are multi-billion dollar industries. Podcasting, however, only brought in approximately $400 million in revenue in 2018. With podcasting trends constantly on the rise, the next few years will show podcast revenues enter the billion dollar range, and over the next decade podcasting will become one of the top revenue generating forms of media. It will surpass the reach of both radio and television. As we move into this new era of on-the-go content, will be there to help you navigate the waters of what we see as the future of all media and entertainment.

Podcast Management:
Many broadcasters have embraced YouTube as the sole platform for their content. We can take your already existing shows and launch them as brand new audio podcasts. If you already have an audio podcast yet find that the time it takes isn’t worth the revenues generated, we can assume the responsibilities of the daily or weekly uploading and distribution without any up front costs. We will ensure that your show is distributed in a timely manner and that you gain the farthest reach possible on today’s top podcast platforms.

Our podcasting partners always have us here to offer them guidance and education on industry best practices and current trends, and they gain access to the wide network of media professionals who already work with PPG. If you need graphics, video, audio help, technological guidance or any one of the many needs of podcasters fulfilled, we can connect you to the right people to make sure you get the professional assistance you require.

Sponsorship Coordination:
Looking to monetize? We will work with you to match your show with sponsors whose products and services fit the needs of your audience. Host-read ads are the big money maker in podcasting. Thanks to unique partnerships PPG has developed, we can match you with ad providers from over 250 of the top companies who are putting their efforts into podcast marketing. Not ready for host-read advertising? No problem. We can help generate revenue by plugging you into dynamic ad based systems that will start creating revenue for you on day one.

Custom Tailored Services:
Our goal is to provide each and every podcaster with the tools and services that fit their unique needs. We are here to provide or coordinate whatever assistance you require in creating, launching, managing and monetizing your audio content. Contact us today to see what solutions has waiting for you.