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Steemit is a great platform for blogging, posting content, and interacting with a crypto-centric audience. Forget about the shitcoin attached to the platform, for the basics Steemit is a great site. Here is where I blog when I feel the need @debunkingcops

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Bitchute is a censorship-free video platform. of course they have banned in many places around the world, but as long as censorship is the word of the day, sites like Bitchute will continue to thrive. @debunkingcops

Twitter is controlled by the government. Since the government can't censor you, they outsource the censorship to corporations and call it "violation of terms". is the social media platform of the future; censorship-free with integrated Bitcoin payments and trading. @debunkingcops


LBRY is truly an amazing piece of technology. It's a fully decentralized framework for video content; YouTube meets Bit Torrent. LBRY is a censorship-resistant platform, and is absolutely a must for anyone who hates YouTube as much as I do. @debunkingcops

Instagram is one of the most superficial platforms of the modern age; and real marketing is expensive. So all you'll see on there is hot chicks in police uniforms. See, not all cops are bad! @debunkingcops

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If you are not buying Bitcoin, you are committing financial suicide. It is the most important thing happening on the planet. Don't sleep through it. Click on the Coinbase banner, and register today. Then you can help support the show by donating Bitcoin to Debunking Cops using this QR code.

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